Beach Landscape Photography

Oct 10, 2017

Everyone can take photos. But can everyone take good photos?

Improve your beach landscape shots by following these simple photography tips!

1. Finding the Vibe

What ‘look’ would you like to achieve?
The angle, lighting, crowd, sky… Identify the ‘look’ you are going for.

2. Gauging Equilibrium

Balance is an essential consideration in photography. Many consider the Rule of Thirds in landscape photography. Be it at the center, at the left, or at the right, balance really does matter. Balance in photography also considers the dimension and patterns comprising the spot.

3. Time is Drama

Beach photography is complex due to lighting. Photographers must consider the sunlight; and during the nighttime, the moonlight. Professional photographers usually bring a reflector to enhance or control the light. Most professional DSLRs, too, can be set to what kind of shot is required.

4. Know the Spot

With reference to #1, focus points do matter if the landscape is too crowded. Once you have identified the look you are going for, you should identify where it is best to take those snaps.

5. Make it raw

There is nothing wrong with post-producing photos, but do know that nothing beats capturing something intrinsically real. Patience is key!

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