Weekends in Laiya

Oct 10, 2017

Known for its fine white sand beaches with picturesque views, Laiya is a popular, drivable weekend destination perfect for anyone looking for that quick getaway outside of the Metro.

Laiya’s got more in store for you! Why don’t you check out these places over the weekend:

1. Laiya Adventure Park. Attractions include: An infinitiy pool, a 630-meter Zipline, a Giant swing; Facilities for Rappelling, Wall Climbing, Aerial walking, and Freefalling.

2. Playa Laiya. Playa Laiya is your home in one of the finest beaches in San Juan, Batangas. It offers you a beach home complete with the exclusivity and prestige that premier real estate developer Landco provides.
Owning a property here is a convenience because it is also just two and a half hours away from Metro Manila. The beautiful and pristine beach has fine white sand that stretches for 1.5 kilometers can be an everyday view as enjoyed by Playa Laiya’s residential community.

3. Laiya Coco Grove Resort. Located in close proximity to Playa Laiya, Laiya Coco Grove offers the full camping experience: Spend the night by the beach or up the Treehouse!

4. Cafeno. Must try: Sweet Tamales, Steamed Rice Cake, Barako Ice cream, and Crispy Tulingang Strips. For the full Cafeno experience, make sure you also try their Kapeng Barako!

5. Old San Juan Restaurant. Old San Juan offers a fusion of Filipino and Spanish influences through its food and architecture. Must Try: Special Lomi

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