Sanitation. Safety. Security. Landco’s commitment in serving its communities

May 7, 2020

“We are Landco, and luxury living is our expertise. For more than 25 years, we have delighted in creating world-class leisure communities, breathtaking resort-inspired condominiums and luxury home communities.”

A testament to Landco’s never ending efforts to ensure that the quality of life expected by homeowners is maintained. More true now in this time of Covid-19, where our efforts has been concentrated on providing additional sanitation as well as enhanced safety and security for our residents.

Landco, together with PrimeFrontier Property Management (PPMI), have laid out an extensive program to ensure all the projects are equipped and provided with the right sanitation protocols based on the guidelines set forth by the Department of Health (DOH).

Misting at Stonecrest

Said guidelines would include Misting and Wiping of common areas like elevators, Admin Office, Reception areas and restrooms, while Misting and Natural Drying activities are done on amenities located outside such as public benches, playground and parks. Sanitation activities are done on a scheduled basis with the methodologies and equipment used are in compliance with DOH standards.

Communication and information dissemination is also practiced at the projects, constant alignment with the LGUs are done to check on any possible cases in the area. While regular advisories are shared to residents in the form of Memo Circulars, Bulletins and email covering news from government agencies to schedule of cleaning activities.

PPMI is also keeping updated on any technical requirements our resources will need to maintain the sanitation requirements needed to protect our villages.

Temperature check at Leisure Farms

Furthermore, preventive measures are enforced at the property from taking temperature checks on village staff, controlling entrance of non-residents, provision of hand sanitizers, social distancing, among others. All in coordination with LGUs and in compliance with Government standards

As a pioneer upscale real estate developer in the Philippines, we are passionate about offering innovative and outstanding lifestyle products and experiences that revolutionize the way Filipinos live.

We envision places of leisure in which life can come alive in all its breathtaking fullness and beauty.

We ensure the quality of life and investments of our property owners are given  primary importance

Our vision is encapsulated in two words: “Pioneering Landscapes” and every Landco Pacific property is a testament to this vision.

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